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top 5 reasons to sell mortgage note

Selling your private mortgage note can be a lot simpler and straightforward than you think.  We help note sellers receive top dollar for their notes as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Lump Sum of Cash for Mortgage NoteLump Sum of Cash
Buying a new home, paying for college tuition and funding retirement are all very common reasons for selling your private mortgage note.

 Cover Unexpected Expenses with your real estate noteUnexpected Expenses
Life can bring the unexpected including medical expenses and even litigation.  Selling your note can alleviate some of the financial strain caused by these events.

Risk Mitigation by selling your mortgage noteRisk Mitigation.
Selling your real estate note can protect against the possible outcomes of economic downturn including asset devaluation and payment default.

Removing Burden by selling your mortgage noteRemoving Burden
Collecting payments, paying taxes and compliance accounting can be a real burden.  Many sell their note just to relieve themselves from being a “landlord”.

Other Opportunities when sell mortgage noteOther Opportunities
They say timing is everything. There may be no better time to cash out, enjoy life and take advantage of other investment opportunities!

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