Why Sell A Note

Should I sell my note?

Selling your Real Estate Note offers you several advantages

Yield Calculator You get immediate cash instead of monthly payments.

Yield Calculator You may use that cash for whatever immediate needs you may have including other business ventures/opportunities, paying-off high interest rate obligations, or pursuing other investments.

Yield Calculator Eliminate the risk, burden, and responsibility of holding the real estate note.

Yield Calculator Eliminate collection hassles – you no longer have to worry about collecting monthly payments or servicing the note.

Yield Calculator Relief from delinquency, bankruptcy and foreclosure issues.

Yield Calculator You no longer have to worry about whether your investment is protected by adequate hazard insurance or that the taxes are being paid current.

Yield Calculator You no longer have to worry about interest reporting and other regulatory requirements of servicing the note.

NoteAdvocate is a free platform providing tools and resources designed to equip note sellers through the mortgage note selling process.


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