What is NoteAdvocate?

“It’s our mission to help you receive the best offer on your mortgage note as quickly and efficiently as possible”

How does It Work? It’s As Easy as 1-2-3!

Our industry leading Mortgage Note Matching Engine is fast, safe, secure and private. Once your request has been submitted, our experienced analysts review your real estate note details in tandem with the results from our Mortgage Note Matching Engine to find note buyers positioned to make the best possible qualified offers.

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Save Time

We’ve designed NoteAdvocate to save you time, money and potential headaches.  There are myriads of note buyers out there.  Who do you trust?  How do you know you’re getting a fair price?  Our matching engine ensures your note gets in front of the right buyer willing to pay top dollar for your note today.  We’ve even made it easy for you to research, rank and review note buyers across the industry.
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Superior Results

Our direct and streamlined process is designed to minimize and often eliminate huge commissions from the process of selling your note.  Once our mortgage note matching engine finds the best buyer(s), you can be confident that you will save time, money and receive a great offer on your real estate note or land contract.

…and much more!

NoteAdvocate is a free platform providing tools and resources designed to equip note sellers through the mortgage note selling process.  Submitting a request into our industry leading Mortgage Note Matching Engine, of course, is the Best Way to Sell Your Note.  If you’re a qualified Mortgage Note Buyer and in the market to purchase Real Estate Notes, we have free resources available for you as well.

So are you looking to sell one of the following real estate notes below?

  • Single Family Residential Real Estate Note
  • Duplex, Triplex Real Estate Note
  • Apartments Real Estate Note
  • Income Property Land Contract
  • Improved Land Contract
  • Commercial Land Contract or Real Estate Note
  • Condo Real Estate Note
  • Vacant Land Contract
  • Portfolios

NoteAdvocate is ready and waiting to help.

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